Y.A.M.P Shirts Collection

Y.A.M.P Shirts Collection

Y.A.M.P Shirts Collection

Launching  January 22, 2023 on Kickstarter crowd funding

Fabrics (Pique/Spandex, 100% Cotton, Cotton/Spandex, Dry Fit and Egyptian Cotton)


Y.A.M.P Shirt Collection

Cut and Sew

Original Designs by Designer Kevin Kirksey 

Customer Base:


1. Every day consumers ( Men, Women, Teenagers and children)

2. Professionals

3. Millennium 

4. Sports Industry/Teams

5. Universities/Colleges

6. Fraternities & Sororities

7. Uniforms

8. Businesses

9. Wholesalers and Distributors

Note:  The YAMP Shirt is the only American invented shirt with it's own name with it's original cut and sewn brand to compete against the polo founder/inventor Renee Lacoste with his partner in Europe in about 1932 to 1933