The inception of the Kevin Kirksey apparel brand started one Friday night in 2014 wanting a different designed/sewn shirts being original his own.  Upon learning the history of the apparel shirt industry inspired him to move forward to make his collection.

After discovering there was no Native Black Fashion Designers who owned his or her own IP rights to a new designed shirt in the Golf, Tennis & Polo shirt world that was custom and different.  He has broken the barrier in the polo, tennis and golf shirt world being the first Native Black Fashion American Designer to design, sew and manufacture these new style of shirts.  Kevin launched his apparel brand November 12, 2016 in the Dallas Runway Fashion Show in Dallas, Texas.

Growing up in Mobile, Alabama, he learned how to sew being taught by his Grandmother and Mother not realizing one day he would design invent/design/sew his own original Fashion clothing line brand.  

Kevin Kirksey apparel is a "Step Above" and "A Set Apart" like no other.  Y.A.M.P "You Are Our Priority”.  His clothing brand, is more than a life style and trend setter like no other. He has embarked on this Journey and made apparel history in this area by creating his own original new designed style of double and single collars unlike any other designer in the world. At the end of 2015, the Kevin Kirksey Shirt Collection came to life.

Kevin is striving to become a renowned Fashion Apparel Brand well known company across the globe.  Kevin stands on his faith being inspired by God with an anointed gift, having no training or apparel schooling. His talent is phenomenal and a game changer pushing the fashion envelope.

Kevin Kirksey apparel is about giving back and mentoring in our community from public speaking, giving away some of his apparel to bless others.

Attended the Fall 2016 Las Vegas Magic show to expose his Kevin Kirksey Apparel Collection to the clothing world and consumers was an eye opener taking his brand higher. With no vendor table/booth it was a success and cause him to go the next level to explode his brand further.

Appeared on the Valder Beebe Talk Show in Dallas, Texas radio show in 2016, sharing the news of his breaking the barrier in the Lacoste/Polo Shirt world as the first African American Designer to create his own original designer KDK shirts, giving consumers new choices.

Appeared on Heaven 97 radio show with Dr. Robert Ashley in 2016 announcing the world apparel history barrier breaking shirts, nothing like them in eighty eight years since the Lacoste shirt in 1928 in Europe.

CEO/James Thomas of the Southern Dallas Business & Living Magazine Published Article February 2016 Issue (CEO CORNER: DESIGNER KEVIN KIRKSEY). Kevin Kirksey Apparel was featured in the Fort Worth Black News Paper October 2016 --- Radio

Interview on the Rize Radio Show with DJ Thump (Las Vegas, Nevada).

Community Service Award from the Mayor --- of Memphis, Tennessee 2016.

Giving back to communities is essential, building and leaving positive legacies behind and that will touch the heart of the world with Kevin Kirksey the man well beyond the CEO/Founder and Designer of his apparel company.

Designer Kevin Kirksey’s innovative cancer collection shirts to raise streaming revenue by the end of 2017. Our company will donate the major percentage of sales to the cancer research foundations.

In 2021, designer Kevin Kirksey will donate to the African American Museum of Dallas his first of its kind Framed painted art work of designer Kevin Kirksey Double and Single collars shirts that broke the barrier into the Lacoste & Polo shirt world with new style designed shirts like no other designer in apparel history.

The Y.A.M.P Shirt Collection.  Original, Innovative, Step Above, Set Apart, Designed distinguished down the last stitch.  The Y.A.M.P, We Originate and Don't Imitate. The Y.A.M.P is a legacy for lifetime.  Nothing is impossible if you believe and keep your faith.